How to care for: Hanging Bird Feeder or Mosaics or Rain Chains or Bird Penthouses

>Hanging bird feeders: have been carefully drilled and assembled. If you find them getting loose; gently tighten the cups/saucers till tight. Do NOT over tighten as it could break the feeder. Wash with warm soap and water.  The chain may rust when outdoors, this will add to the cuteness and "weathered look" of your bird feeder. Thank you for taking care of our bird friends.

>Mosaics: Created with lots of love from pretty pieces of broken china and assorted ceramic planters and salt boxes. The piece has been carefully crafted and sealed for long term enjoyment. Please be sure to hang your mosaic planter on a sturdy patio wall, wood gate or metal gate. There are 2 hooks on back for sturdy hanging. The mosaic and wood have been sealed with outdoor/indoor sealer and should last up to 2 years. It is recommended to re-seal again as needed. Be sure to wear gloves and seal outdoors for proper ventilation-read instructions completely.  The "center planter" has been gently screwed on the back of the wood and is NOT too tightly on, This is to be sure NOT to break the ceramic. Thank you for your purchase; please send pictures of where you are showcasing it,we would love to share on our web site and facebook. Thank  you.

>RAIN CHAINS: These have been carefully made with color and design whimsy in mind. Be sure to handle carefully if you want to move locations of your piece. If you are in an area where it is windy- be sure to keep away from walls or poles that may break the rain chain. Wash with warm water and soap or wait till it rains and just pour soap on the piece. ;-). You can add chain to the bottom of the chain and secure in the ground for stability.

BIRD PENT-HOUSES: These adorable bird houses with feeders are attached to real old barn wood pieces from the USA. We have sealed the wood to help the look stay as pretty as possible. Each piece of wood is "old" and we did our best to search for unique and durable wood for each bird penthouse. The "homes" have been lightly drilled into the wood and NOT secured too tight as to break it. If you need to- you can gently tighten the "teapot" in place as needed. DO NOT over tighten may break!  The feeder below has be glued with outdoor glue. Wash with warm water and gentle soap. Thank you for feeding our bird families across the USA.

Other locations for display: INDOORS:

Many of our clients choose to purchase from your local arts/craft stores a pretty display rack or wall mounting rack for decor. You can choose from many wire colors, wood, glass or plastic display holders that will look fabulous.  
Also, display on the wall, in your lighted curio cabinet or center display on a table.
Stemmed flowers can be shown in your foyer, front home patio and even pool-side planters. Many other ways to enjoy your garden art! Send us a pic on  how you have planted your feeder so we can show the world!  Happy Gardening!

** Need help! ** CONTACT US FIRST ** We are here! **** Need help! ** CONTACT US FIRST ** call before you DIG! **

Please be gentle when digging the ground and or placing the flower where you want to "plant" it. 

When deciding where to plant, please consider: weather, animals, climate conditions and visual placement.

We take great care in making it for indoor/outdoor use.   

We recommend planting near partial-covered areas for security and longevity of the “art flowers”.

Some flowers have been painted- light fading is normal. We use an indoor/outdoor glue to adhere together.


We appreciate you respecting and appreciating the many hours of time, labor and the many improvements we make to give you a superior quality garden item. Replication happens, but please respect what we have done to find the best ways to make our flowers different.  Copy-cat Cathy, "lazy-Susans", "Get it for Free Freddies", "Just Askin Joe's" are not appreciated and we would hope you can be kind and find your inner creativity and re-work your "art" from the ground up! We all have potential, just be an original as God has created us all unique with no duplication. Thank you for your understanding... 
*** The above information has been created by the owners of HGG- please respect our work and do not duplicate data***