Our season for our shows runs from September  thru May of each year. Living in Gilbert, AZ area we are (the Valley of the Sun)...we live in the pool or indoors to hibernate for the summer!

********2022/2023 Event Locations Update*********

All items include a copper stem/flower pole for planting.
Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our local small business..(virtual HUGS)


All items include a pole for planting.

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our local small business..(virtual HUGS)


1/26-1/29/2023 Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler, az (behind Merchant Square)
2/4/2023 Gilbert Art Walk 9am-1pm
2/18/2023 Gilbert Art Walk 9am-1pm
2/23-2/26/2023 Highland yard Vintage, Chandler, Az (behind Merchants Square)
2/25/2023-QC Family Market (next to QC Library  9am-2pm
3/4/2023-Sunland Village Arts and Craft Show (Mesa, Az) 
3/18/2023- Gilbert Art Walk 9am-1pm
3/23-3/26/2023-Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler, Az (behind Merchant Square)
4/1/2023-Family Market @ Vertuccio Farms, 4011 S. Power Road Mesa, Az 9am-3pm
4/21-4/23/2023 Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market @ Westworld inScottsdale, Az
4/27-4/30/2023 Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler, AZ (behind Merchant Square)
5/14/2023 MothersDay- Moma and Mimosa Bell Bank Park- details soon
5/25-5/29/2023 Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler Az 
6/22-6/25/2023-Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler, AZ
8/24/2023-8/27/2023 Highland Yard Vintage, Chandler, Az
9/15-9/17/2023 Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market @ Westworld, in Scottsdale, Az
9/28/2023-10/1/2023 Highland Yard Vintage Chandler, Az 

**more dates pending** 2023 schedule to be continued............................. see us soon!

We appreciate you respecting and appreciating the many hours of time, labor and the many improvements we make to give you a superior quality garden item. Replication happens, but please respect what we have done to find the best ways to make our flowers different.  Copy-cat Cathy, "lazy-Susans", "Get it for Free Freddies", "Just Askin Joe's" are not appreciated and we would hope you can be kind and find your inner creativity and re-work your "art" from the ground up! We all have potential, just be an original as God has created us all unique with no duplication. Thank you for your understanding... 
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